Canada + USA

Our international crew of highly motivated and committed professionals offers the best standards of production services.

From multi-million dollar projects to small single-camera interviews, we take pride to meet the needs of any size and type of production, from start to a successful finish.


Global Talent. Top-level Crew. Premiere Locations.

We are always being asked, how to get more for less. The answer: film in Canada.
Not only does filming in Canada offer A-level talent, crew and locations, but the friendly exchange rate greatly reduces production costs.

Canada offers an attractive blend of dynamic exteriors and modern infrastructure. The combination of different cultures and diverse landscapes means Canada can double for a broad spectrum of global filming locations.

Transmission’s Canadian office is based in Vancouver, but we cover all of Canada. From simple location scouting, to complete film production facilities and service, our Canadian team has the local knowledge and connections to bring the best of Canada to your project.


The global capital of entertainment, the United States is suited for productions of any size or budget, with scores of exceptionally talented crew at your disposal. The country itself is an endless smorgasbord of natural wonders, climates and unique backdrops with locations that could play for almost any spot on Earth.

With complete comprehensive knowledge of the industry, Transmission will help you navigate the American production process and deliver optimal results. Our deep relationships as Hollywood natives enable our US team to guide you through the peculiar business landscape and ensure your production takes full advantage of all the American system has to offer.

Transmission’s US office is based in Los Angeles, but our work leads us to every corner of the country, often to take advantage of state incentive programs.